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Class Types

All classes are taken with music, allowing a fresh and current take on a traditional form of yoga, providing you with a chance to experience a style of movement that suits a modern life.

Leave Feeling: Flexible, Uplifted, Happy

Focusing increasingly on traditional Hatha yoga, this class brings in elements of strength and flexibility focused poses with breath, allowing you to experience a deep release through the mind and body. A typical 60 minute class consists of sun salutations, balance poses, hip-opener sequences, finishing with 10 minutes of mindfulness & relaxation. You will work to become more supple and improve endurance while perfecting your posture in this class.

What to Bring:

Simply turn up! Sustainable, eco-friendly cork mats, blocks and bands are provided for your use, however you may bring your own mat if preferred. It is advisable to wear comfortable, light-weight and flexible clothing. Classes can get hot so please bring a bottle of water and a towel if you please. Lastly, if you wish, bring something warmer such as a cosy jumper or blanket for relaxation.

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