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About Us

Our aim is to help people on their journey to a happy & healthy Mind, a feeling of a better & stronger Body, and the sensation of being Energised from the ground to the sky!

Why Mind Body Energise Classes?

A unique style of exercise class combining contemporary yoga movements to music. These classes will incorporate energising yoga poses to enhance your body’s flexibility, strength and muscular tone, while improving posture and strengthening the spine. Additionally through working with the breath and using easy to follow relaxation meditation techniques, these classes provide a wonderful way to unwind the mind and alleviate stress. Anyone and everyone can benefit, simply turn up and roll out a mat!

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to provide a warm, friendly and approachable atmosphere, where you can just be yourself. Simply have an open mind and an open heart.

Feel free to drop-in to any of our classes or simply visit our Class Types or Class Schedule page for more information. We want to make yoga accessible for everyone which is why Mind Body Energise additionally runs Community Yoga classes. Simply visit the Events & Workshops page or our Facebook page to find out more.

We also aim to encourage & support an environmentally friendly ethos working toward making the world a happier & safer place to be. That is why all our yoga mats are sustainable, eco-friendly cork without use of nasty plastic, rubber or synthetic materials.

Teacher Profile

Anna Paskins: RYT 200 Yoga Alliance & Body Balance Instructor

Namaste! My name is Anna and we all have to start yoga somewhere. When I started practicing yoga, I was amazed at how much it changed my life. As someone who didn’t grow up entirely ‘athletic’ or into sports, I was amazed at how yoga not only enhanced strength & flexibility but also helped alter my mindset- for the better! I wish for everyone who comes to class to have a similar positive experience, and it is for that reason that I chose to become a Yoga teacher.

My teacher training commenced in 2018 where I undertook a course for teaching exercise to music, specifically for stretching, improving core stability and relaxation. In 2019, my passion for yoga continued and I visited South-East Asia to adopt and learn a more traditional Eastern style of yoga. The teachers here inspired me to undertake the RYT 200 yoga course in a not-for-profit organisation in Cambodia, that works to provide water to Iocal villages. I am now a self-confessed ‘Yogi’, sharing my journey and recommend yoga to anyone and everyone to try.

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